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You also say that originally people objected to the extradition of a murderer, and then say this means they don’t want murderers held to account. I am not familiar with the particulars, and maybe you can offer some helpful links so I can educate myself, but simply as a matter of logic I am not sure that follows because 1) extradition to China does not, in and of itself, seem to be a necessary prerequisite for justice (could the person not be tried in HK?) and crypto 2) it could be possible to object to extradition for people as a matter of principle, even if you don’t sympathise with this specific person (for example, someone in the UK might object to extradition of a murderer to the US when it leads to the death penalty because they object to sending someone to be killed – but that does not mean they think that the hypothetical murderer is a great person and should get off free of punishment). Now perhaps the HK protestors do think that no HK citizen should be punished for murdering a Chinese citizen – but I think I would require a little more than this assertion as evidence (I do not, to be clear, assert the opposite claim).

Alig néhány évvel ezelőtt a „dApps létrehozásának a Bitcoin tetején" ötlete már messzire eljutott volna. Az oldalláncok az egyik legkritikusabb újítás a kriptotérben. Lenyűgöző lesz látni, hogy a fejlesztők milyen típusú alkalmazásokat építenek a Bitcoin tetejére ezeknek a megvalósításoknak köszönhetően. Jelenleg olyan megvalósítások vannak, mint a SegWit, a Liquid és az RSK, így a Bitcoin exponenciálisan jobban skálázható és programozható.

Because this sums up one big reason why many" low income " B****teers voted to leave the EU – because the future is out there not navel gazing in Europe. But I for one look forward to your continued Posts From The Future. Well this is great, given your previous postings on B****t.

32), 2019, Debt Market and Investments , Oxford University Press, p. This chapter also discusses the considerations in distressed debt exchanges of public bond issuances or in the restructuring of private loan agreements, with the view to minimizing the likelihood of strategic default and other inefficient outcomes to investors of distressed debt. In doing so, it provides a description of this sub-asset class and the basic intuition along with stylized examples to explain the motivating factors behind the strategic behavior of other stakeholders that may devalue a distressed-debt investor�s financial claim if left unattended. 624-638 This chapter provides an introduction to distressed debt, primarily from the vantage point of debtholders in financially distressed corporations. Overall, this chapter offers exposure to the basic features and terminology in distressed debt and debt restructuring.

One satoshi is currently worth about $0.00058. One BTC currently equals about $58,000. But it is possible for someone to buy a part of a Bitcoin. The smallest unit is called a satoshi, and it’s equal to 1/100 millionth of a Bitcoin.

I think the truth is that we don’t really know enough currently, but my guess is that the Chinese probably are running trials, and beyond that who knows. Maybe it’s all true, maybe none of it’s true. And certainly no attempts to contextualize it. A lot of the information is coming from sources that I wouldn’t trust to tell me the weather in Shanghai, so I think there is some cause for skepticism. Similarly on the social reputation control stuff, I haven’t seen any sources on this in what I would call a reliable place.

Many people have reiterated this point in many contexts, but it’s worth repeating here for emphasis: if a mass protest movement in the US were to use even a fraction of the tactics that the Hong Kong protesters are using, from coordinated mass-scale destruction of property and infrastructure to direct violent attacks against bystanders and even against police officers themselves, any American police department would’ve long ago cracked down brutally enough to make Kent State or even Tiananmen look like a quick parking-lot shoving match by comparison, and every single mainstream Western liberal commentator who’s spent the past six months waxing eloquent about democracy in Hong Kong would immediately trumpet their unequivocal support for necessary and justified police measures to restore order in the face of hardened violent radical thugs.image

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